Sport nutrition during cycling training

Sport nutrition during cycling training

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How much carbohydrates I need to provide energy during cycling training?

To improve performance, you may ingest carbohydrates as follows:

  • Less than 1 hour: no carbohydrate needed or a banana or few berries will be enough.
  • 1-2 hours: 30g of carbohydrates / hour
  • 2-3 hours: 60g carbohydrates / hour
  • > 2.5 hours: 90g carbohydrates / hour

Amount of carbohydrates in grams can be easily found on the label of sports drink, sports bar and sports gel. When you depend on fruits, dried fruits or nuts you may easily google the carbohydrate content.

Sponser sport drinks like Competition, Long Energy and Isotonic are ideal for sessions above 1 hour providing around 50-60g/ 750ml bottle.


How best I should ingest carbohydrates during training?

  • It is recommended to distribute the carbohydrates intake throughout the training every 10-15 minutes as this found to delay fatigue. Drink some of sport drink or sport gel every 10-15 minutes.


  • The practical tubes of Sponser Liquid Energy gels that can be re-sealed helps you in distributing intake over any number of times through-out the training.


What should I look for when choosing sport drink or sport gel for my cycling training?

  • Check the ingredients of product and choose those contain several types of carbohydrates (3 or more types). This was found to increase carbohydrate absorption (energy supply) and reduce probability of gastric discomfort.


  • Choose products that has slow-release carbohydrates like Isomaltulose and Trehalose. This was found to provide prolonged energy and increase fat burning as source of fuel which preserves your carbohydrates reserves for longer periods of exercise and towards the late stages of long training sessions and races.


Sponser Sport drinks like Isotonic, Competition and Long Energy has 5-7 different carbohydrates including both Isomaltulose and Trehalose.

Also Sponser Liquid Energy gel tubes contain Isomaltulose.



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