Gel or Electrolyte Drink?

Gel or Electrolyte Drink?
As an athlete, this question might have crossed your mind before! Which is more effective when it comes to Hydration, Gel or Electrolyte Drink?
In order to answer this, let’s remember that sweat is not just water! Your body loses some important minerals known as “Electrolytes” such as sodium, potassium and calcium. While running or cycling, these minerals are very important for hydration and muscle function. If electrolytes are imbalanced, you could fatigue early or get cramps. Electrolytes could be found in the form of tablets to be dissolved in water. Keeping your electrolytes in balance is really important for optimum performance.
Having said so, please bear in mind that after one hour of exercising you start losing your muscles energy (glycogen).  You will need to increase that energy level by having carbs every each hour. Electrolytes won’t help you with this regards. Now the importance of Gel comes to the picture! Gel is portable and represents a great source of carbohydrates to keep you going. Most gels do contain sodium and decent amounts of electrolytes as well. Practice using Gels with water, to help with the hydration and reduce risk of consuming too much simple sugar at once, which can lead to stomach issues. You’ll need one to two gels every hour.
LIQUID ENERGY PLUS by SPONSER® is a highly concentrated neutral-tasting energy, provided in liquid form. A tube of 70g contains 200 kcal of pure energy. Moreover, it contains the functional ingredients caffeine, taurine, Sodium, Potassium and inositol. Liquid Energy Plus is appropriate for endurance sportsmen who are dependent on a constant energy supply.

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